• I always bake my pie in a Pyrex glass pie pan. I like glass better than a metal pan. I use part butter in my pie crust for the flavor of butter. I always use a pastry cloth and a rolling pin cover to roll out my pie crust. It is easier to roll out. In 1990 this blueberry pie won me a trip to the Crisco pie contest in New Orleans in spring 1991.

    Marjorie and her pies
  • A holiday baking special!

    Marjorie with Jay Leno
  • I made this cookie to give out to the the basketball players when I interviewed them as a correspondent of The Tonight Show at the NBA finals on June 7th. This is an easy cookie to make and so delicious.

  • Here is the recipe Marjore made with Belinda on Kare 11 on April 7, 2007

  • Shown on The Tonight Show on January 29, 2008

  • As a correspondent for The Tonight Show, I will be interviewing the baseball players on the All-Star team. Of course, I need to bring some of my blue ribbon cookies and these Gingersnaps will fit the bill perfectly.

  • Marjorie and Jay demonstrated this Coffee Cake on The Tonight Show on May 16

  • I presented Rosie with this cake for her birthday on The View, topped with chocolate sauce, candles and sparklers.